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Nihon Kohden America is a leading healthcare innovator that helps hospitals meet their unique clinical and financial challenges. For over 60 years, our Patient Monitoring, Neurology and Cardiology instrumentation solutions have enabled healthcare providers to deliver better patient outcomes while keeping costs under control.

Patient Monitoring

As the fastest-growing patient monitoring company in the U.S., Nihon Kohden America continues to lead the industry with groundbreaking technologies that improve the quality of patient care. Just a few of our first-to-market monitoring innovations include the world's first physiological patient and bedside monitoring system utilizing Smart Modular Cable technology, and Cap-ONE, the world’s first mainstream CO2 sensor specifically designed for intubated and non-intubated patients.


Nihon Kohden provides the most comprehensive and trusted line of neuro-diagnostic and monitoring products on today’s healthcare market.

From Epilepsy monitoring and cEEG ICU monitoring to sleep monitoring and data management solutions, you can count on the quality and reliability of our highly trusted neurology products and services. And like all of Nihon Kohden’s line of products, 24/7 support is always available.


Healthcare providers worldwide rely on Nihon Kohden’s innovative and efficient line of cardiology products, including the CardioFaxV Interpretive ECG 1550A. This hospital quality ambulatory ECG cart features an impressive high-resolution touch screen, a large five minute memory, wireless LAN, USB outputs, and two memory card slots. The ECG 1550A is just one of many Nihon Kohden cardiology solutions that can help you deliver outstanding patient care while reducing costs.